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AMPed: Suited for Success

While studying at QUT, I have been able to participate in many co-curricular activities.

In particular, my time as marketing director at AMPed (Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations & International Business) has been very valuable.

For this event we teamed up with another club at QUT, Women in Business to bring an evening of networking and keynote speakers to our members.

We had 4 keynote speakers including Marvin Fox, Kurt Sanders, Aimee McVeigh and Hayley Angel + a professional headshot photographer + fooooood!

Here’s a summary of some of my key takeaways from each speaker!

Marvin Fox – Networking:

• It’s not about you! Listen to the other person when networking

• Shaking hands = builds trust!

Aimee McVeigh – Work Life Balance:

• Don’t lose sight of the big picture – work is only a small part of it. Ensure you have work life balance

• Protect your personal life be present in the moment

Hayley Angel – Relationships:

• Only 1 in 10 people are confident speaking to people they have never met before!

• At an event, any event, remember that everyone who is there, is there to speak to YOU (otherwise they wouldn’t have come) ✌🏼

Kurt Sanders – Personal Branding:

• Employers have to be a good fit for you too – it’s not all about the money!

• Always give more than you take

• Most importantly, be yourself! But be adaptable

I created this video to recap the event.




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