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#backtrack to support local artists.

I am not the only one craving live music, the dance floor and the merch that comes along with concerts and events. Local artists have been struggling through this year with COVID-19 where restrictions pose serious threats to their income and livelihood.

Everything from streamed gigs, new merchandise lines and an abundance of newly release music to stream has been part of the strategy to keep artists afloat while we stay at home. Another phenomenon is TikTok where we’ve seen an explosion of content across the world using songs from big, to very very small artists and everything in between.

Some of my favourite TikTok’s feature local artists like Baker Boy and BENEE reaching new fans across the world. The platform has now become a music discovery tool for users of all ages and of all interest. The potential here? Limitless. TikTok is now one of the go-to platforms to discover new artist, for label to pour money and time into and for artists to come up with original and engaging content.

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To keep the good vibes rolling and keep supporting some of my favourite local artists, I have decided to put together a collection of videos, photos and TikTok’s each Thursday for a #throwback!

Using the hashtag #backtrack, we can #throwback to some of our favourite live experiences and show local artists we are still loving and supporting them. We can also show TikTok users across the world some of our incredible local artists!

Follow my journey on TikTok @mackenziegeeves or on LinkedIn to discover a new artist, relive some great memories and picture yourself right there in the mosh…but most importantly, show support for these artists who are struggling in this tough time. Make your own #backtrack post or stream, buy merch and tag your favourite artists so they know WE are here for them!

Part 1: Boy & Bear

An intimate concert at a small pizza and wine bar in Sydney in 2019 featuring Boy & Bear. Check out the TikTok here and post your own videos with #BackTrack!


Let’s #backtrack to our favourite live experiences to support local artists! #throwback #music #live #rewind

♬ Shape Of Love – Passenger & Boy and Bear

Part 2: Client Liaison

My second #backtrack was to an incredible concert with Client Liaison at The Enmore Theatre. The lights display and costumes along were worth highlighting but the good vibes projected by this duo always puts a smile on my face.

Part 3: Glass Animals

Ok, maybe they aren’t local BUT they are one of my favourite artists and they released a new album this year plus a few quarantine covers. This was captured at an imagine gig at The Factory Theatre in Sydney. The crowd was small but by no means quiet, you can even hear me singing along in the background (sorry in advance!).

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