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An update…

It’s been one of the biggest weeks of my career and personal life so far.

After turning 21, I was officially inducted as the President of AMPed QUT, the advertising, marketing, public relations and international business society at QUT in Brisbane.

This role was one that I had been aspiring too since joining the society in 2017. My term will be for 2018, but the transition period between semester 2 2018 and 2019 will allow me to work closely with the current AMPed president and my new executive team to develop our strategy and vision for 2019. More exciting news to come!

Secondly, I started a course that I have been looking forward too for a very long time – Auslan! Auslan is the Australia Sign Language and this community course, over 8 weeks, will teach me the basics of communicating with the deaf and hard of hearing members in the community and at work. I have frequent encounters with hearing impaired people and I have always wanted to have the skills to provide the respect to those with this disability to communicate to them in a language the know and understand. I am excited to complete this course and would love to hear from you if you have done this or are looking for advice!

Finally, my most important announcement is the beginning of my very own podcast called Hustle with Mackenzie. This podcast is being created for my graduate project for my Interactive and Visual Design degree but I will be continuing the show after the end of this course. The show centers around three content pillars: career success, personal branding, and productivity. I believe it is these three things that help determine your quality of life, happiness, and success in the digital industry. The show is for students, aspiring marketers and designers, misfits and people who want to be better! I will be sharing stories from and interviewing people who I believe have excelled in these areas and discover the tips and tricks that they can share to help us all improve!

Find the show wherever you get your podcasts Рstay tuned for more information!

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