Three people standing in front of a large V letter on a boat

On the [V] Island with Morgan Evans, JXN and Why Don’t We

I grew up watching the [V] Island Parties on V Music on TV. It was never something I thought I would ever get to go on – surely is reserved for at least C-list celebrities!

Well it turns out, if you know the right people (or work in the right industry) you can get onto one of these incredible experiences.

The Island is a floating bar in the Sydney harbour – accessible only by boat. And every so often, a very special event comes along and the Island is transformed into the [V] Island for live music.

This time it was Warner Music who provide three incredible artists to entertain a crowd of 200 people…in the middle of the harbour.

Not only was the setting incredible (um look there’s the Sydney opera house!?) but the music was amazing. JXN, Why Don’t We, and my personal favourite Morgan Evans each performed a short set on the stage as people swayed and enjoyed themselves.

Morgan is a country singer from Australia and recently released his new single “Diamonds”, or you may be familiar with songs like “Day Drunk” and “Kiss Somebody” which were clearly crowd favourites.

These events are also great to network as there are often many industry representatives (and competitors 😉 ) on the boat and this time – they can’t escape you!

Overall, I was very honoured to be invited to an event like this and it was certainly one of my highlights for 2019. It is events like this that remind me how much I love working in music and hope to continue so in 2020.

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