Providing valuable experiences for students

AMPed provides students with an advantage when entering the AMPR and IB fields. Through networking and professional development events, internship opportunities and peer discussions, our members gain the skills necessary to exceed in their industry and leave university prepared for the real world.

I was elected by my peers as Marketing Director at the 2017 AGM for the 2018 academic year.

“Best Networking Event” 2017

In 2017, AMPed achieved the award for the best networking event.

So far in 2018, we have organised these events:

  • Trivia night @ The Defiant Duck
  • Panel night @ TANDA HQ [SOLD OUT]
  • Suited for Success @ CPA HQ [SOLD OUT]
  • Firm Hop @ TANDA & River City Labs (visiting tech startups)
  • Upcoming: EOFY Event @ Fridays Riverside
three events from amped

Member Engagement. Events Marketing. Social Media. Email Marketing. Partnerships Promotions & more. 

During my time so far at AMPed, here are some things that I have implemented:

  • “Welcome Pack” PDF for new members = This pack included details on our sponsors, a welcome letter, calendar of events and instructions to download their digital membership card – the first time we have had a member onboarding package like this
  • Creating a weekly schedule of content for our Facebook page (where we have the most engagement from our members)
    • Monday (Fortnightly): Magnificant Member Mondays where we feature a member or executive team member that is doing great things in the industry (this is done in collaboration with our student communities director)
    • Tuesday (Weekly): Tune In Tuesday highlights job/career opportunities for our members (in collab with career pathways director)
    • Sunday (Weekly): What a Week where 3 articles are selected that focuses on topics that are of interest to our members like sustainability, design, global business, economics etc. each week
  • Connecting with and creating strong cross-promotion relationships with related groups (QUT CEA, Women in Business, QUT AMpr) for the promotion of our events and content
  • Creating a marketing plan for each event (timelines, deliverables, communication with Graphic Design team) and communicating this with our team via Slack and Asana
  • Event marketing for our events – Facebook events, promotions on our Closed member’s group and our public page, Instagram content
  • Created the “2018 Partners” Facebook album to showcase our sponsors for 2018 and encourage members to use their perks associated with their membership
  • Created an initial draft version of an ‘Event Report’ template to review and measure the success of each event (social media reach, ticket sales etc.)
  • When ticket sales were low for an event, I implemented a flash sale that was advertised on our Facebook platform which had 15 additional ticket sales

Leadership & Teamwork Experience. 

My position at AMped has allowed me to gain exciting leadership experience and teamwork experience. Here are some great experiences I have had so far:

  • Mentoring and training a marketing officer involving job delegation and training
  • Communicating timelines and briefs to the graphic design department in order to execute the marketing plan
  • Monthly meetings with the large executive team and 2 ‘retreats’ for planning and development
  • Working with other officers within the executive group to see opportunities for further engagement of members and promotion of our club, i.e. through LinkedIn and Facebook content such as fortnightly “Magnificant Members” postings, weekly Internship & Career Posts