Fit Box Espresso & Superfood Bar

Fit Box is a new concept health food cafe in West End, Brisbane. As a family business, I worked with my father to develop the concept for the cafe and I created all the collateral branding, marketing and social media material.

Simon and I worked together to develop the concept of the store and design the exterior and fit out. This was one of the most exciting projects I have engaged in as I had complete creative control over vision and branding concept for the cafe.

I created the basic logo and identity for the brand which I composed into a brand pitch doc. We then developed the menu, posters, physical marketing materials such as brand loyalty cards, flyers and business cards.

Through the designs you can see soft shapes of hearts and blue tones contrast with the hard squares and pointed edges. The cafe is both for women 20-25 and gym members (typically male 25-45).

View the branding guidelines/pitch doc here. 

Menu Design

We have already gone through a few menu designs to test what worked best. Right now, we are using a horizontal A4 menu (B&W) with text only on a clipboard. Feedback and research has shown that our customers enjoy printed menu with all the options and then can look at our product posters for inspiration or more information.

Hot drinks menu on a clipboard and white paper

Social Media

Fit Box is growing their presence on social media and providing a visual menu for customers to enjoy. With a mix between food, drinks, staff and location based images, Fit Box attracts customers to the cafe and presents special offers for Instagram followers.

a white person tapping on an iPhone with instagram open


With rich product photography, we showcase some of our best sellers on posters around the cafe. Our top ordered products can be attributed to the promotion from these posters with customers often commenting on the ease of decision with clear visual indicators of what they are ordering!

Acai Bowl Poster