Presenting at BGGS School

Inspiring senior students about life in tech

I had the pleasure of being invited back to my high school, Brisbane Girls Grammar School (BGGS), to present to over 90 grade 11 and 12 technology and design students.

It was only 3 years ago that I was sitting in the same classrooms as these girls and thinking about what my journey would be like after high school.

I spent time thinking about what would be most inspiring and useful for the girls to hear, and I decided to speak about the different pathways in technologies and design beyond school and my experience so far with post-secondary education. As well as the importance of making the most of the opportunities available like joining clubs and groups, studying abroad and internships and work experience.

Some highlights from my presentation to the girls:

  • Don’t be afraid to do things by yourself
  • Explore options to study abroad for a more enriching education experience
  • Be curious!
  • Personal branding – first impressions count, how to maximise your identity as a creative
  • Join organizations that push you to do better, surround yourself with people that inspire you
  • Seek out work experience and internships that interest you

Hearing from someone with “real world” experience is so important to inspire and to comfort those students who are maybe not sure what they want to do after school.

Excerpts from the BGGS news article…

“Year 12 student, Jess Jenkinson, thoroughly enjoyed listening to both presenters and found Ms Geeve’s advice pertinent.

‘[Ms Geeves] studies are very similar to the career path to which I aspire.

‘Her advice on taking advantage of as many opportunities as possible was very helpful, as it can give you an insight into the industry and future career prospects, and helps you stand out from your peers.

‘I hope to study abroad and enjoyed hearing about [Ms Geeve]’s experience in the USA,’ Jess said. “

As an advocate and mentor for women in technology, I hope that these girls stay hungry to learn and do more, as well as break the stereotypes of women in tech and embrace diversity.

Good luck to all the 2017 and 2018 graduates and congratulations!

See original article from Brisbane Girls Grammar School

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